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A Complete Package Of Effective & Result Oriented Education !!

School timing has been changed Arrival 07:00am Lunch 08:15am Break up 12:00pm


Angels Public School Begusarai was founded in 2009 to provide solid and flexible study intelligence program.
The key is our individualized approach, which frees children to reach their personal potential. Our students are liberated from rigid schedules, classes that move too fast or too slow, bullying, overcrowded classrooms, teaching to the test, and many other factors that typically stand in the way of success.

We also surround you and your child with an amazing support team, including online teachers who have a true gift for inspiring young learners. Working with our academic leadership, guidance counselors, and other education specialists, they'll be with your family every step of the way.

And you'll reap the advantages of our energetic school community—an international network of friends who assist, encourage, and learn from each other through online student clubs, parent roundtables, and much more.

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We earnestly believe to enlighten the youth with knowledge, increase literacy and enhance employability. We strive to achieve this not only through classroom teachings but through community interactions and different Medias.

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